Everybody is talking about how necessary social media is to stay relevant in today’s business world. An overwhelming 94% of marketers use social media as a part of their marketing platform. Of the businesses that use social media as a part of their marketing plan, 85% reported an increase in market exposure.

The big question is, once you join the social media world, what’s next? How do you measure if it’s even working?

The first step, after signing up, is to set goals. Set overall goals about what you hope to achieve by using social media. It is also important to set individual objectives for each social media outlet. Making a social media plan is important. To check on your success, there are metrics to see your progress.

The objectives of social media are often to generate interest in your business, increase your market, and stay connected with your customers.

Social media is also great for creating a direct line of communication with your customers, especially when it comes to promoting an upcoming product or event. Often referred to as the “big 3” of social media, Facebook, Twitter, and Google + are tools to increase recognition of your brand and establish your online presence.

To measure your success with Facebook, keep track of the number of Facebook likes on your page. Facebook is great for expanding your online social network—don’t forget to post relevant and interesting things though!

For Twitter, there are a number of metrics to keep track of. The number of followers, mentions, and retweets will help you keep track of your sphere of influence. Twitter is also a great place to listen in on relevant conversations.

Google + uses followers as well as mentions to measure success. It is a great place to optimize for SEO and share interesting content with your followers. This is the newest of the “big 3” but it is still a force to be reckoned with.

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