Billions of users worldwide use WordPress including individuals, corporations of all sizes, and nonprofit organizations. It’s generally known as web software for blogging, but WordPress can be used for so much more, and we think the word has gotten out about that. According to DMR: Digtal Marketing Stats/Strategy/Gagets, as of March 14, 2015, 23% of all websites, globally, use WordPress, and 50,000 new WordPress websites are added on a daily bases. Yes, you read that right.

WordPress logoWe at The Belford Group use WordPress, exclusively, as our primary content management system (CMS) for our websites, which means it’s the software we use to create our clients’ websites. We’ve first used WordPress for several years to create client blogs (including our own) but we decided that WordPress creates such an excellent product that all of our sites are now be created using WordPress.

Most clients are not overly concerned what software or program is used to create their website. They just want a website that is functional, informative and visually appealing. Using WordPress to create websites is a major advantage for both the client and the web developer, in this case The Belford Group, because WordPress offers websites that are easy to use, customizable and effective.


WordPress is user-friendly

An entire blog post could be written about how WordPress is user friendly.

Easy to make changes-One of the many positive aspects of WordPress is that it allows even the most novice users to be able to make site changes. This saves the client money and time by not having to wait on a web developer to make minor changes to the site after the site launches.

Blog incorporation-WordPress started as a blogging software, and that makes it incredibly easy to incorporate a blog into the website as part of the overall theme without creating a blog on a separate site that must then be linked. The blog and website are all in one place.

Multi-user-WordPress easily allows for multiple users to have logins for the site with different permissions given for each user. This feature gives the client the ability to let several people have access to changing the site if necessary, but also limit how much access each person has and what changes that person is allowed to make to the site.


WordPress is easy to customize 

Custom themes-Themes (the backbone of how the site functions and looks) can be purchased then altered, or created entirely from scratch. This is a rare function in the world of web development without having to create entirely new code.  Here are a few examples of different WordPress themes.  Theme One   Theme Two  Theme Three

Plugins-WordPress allows for plugins, which can be added to the theme to create specific functions. There are plugins for just about every desired function from improved search-engine optimization to event management.  

Incorporating media-WordPress makes it easy to incorporate many types of media including photos and other images, video, text and links to other sites. No special code needs to be written. Having a multimedia website greatly enriches the website user’s experience and reaches people with a broad variety of learning styles.


WordPress functions effectively

SEO-WordPress makes it easy to optimize sites for search engines with typography features, plugins and tags.

Scaleable-We often get requests from clients to take their existing standard site and increase it to a premium level site. WordPress makes it easy to create a site that is as small as a single page or up to as many pages as the client wants including full E-Commerce sites. The WordPress sites can then be easily added to or decreased in size.

Social media-WordPress has some of the best social media integration available in the website world. There are plugins available that will automatically publish updates from the website to social media platforms and the links created in WordPress are also easy to share.

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