When many people look back at their childhoods, they have fond memories of summer camp where they learned, played and made great new friendships.


The WordCamp Fayetteville Facebook cover photoA different kind of camp is coming up at the end of July that we at The Belford Group strongly endorse and hope our clients consider attending because we are sure they will find ways to better manage their own website and learn ways to grow their business. That, and it’s a lot of fun.


WordCamp Fayetteville is Saturday, July 28 at the Donald W. Reynolds Center for Enterprise Development on the University of Arkansas campus in Fayetteville. A free beginner’s session is scheduled for Friday, July 27 and the Guru Gallery is Sunday, July 29. The Guru Gallery is a chance for one-on-one help for WordPress users who answer each other’s questions about how to manage their sites. Tickets are only $30 and it includes the conference, lunch Saturday, the after party, the Guru Gallery and a T-shirt (sizes guaranteed for those who sign up by July 15).


WordCamp Fayetteville is a conference for people who use WordPress, the web-based software that allows even the least techno-savvy person to build a blog or website. This is the third year for the conference and several employees from The Belford Group have been involved both as participants and on the planning committee every year. We are event sponsors and three team members are presenting at the conference.

There are four tracks this year for WordCamp Fayetteville:

  • WordPress 101: for the most novice user who wants to learn the basics of using WordPress]
  • Content Creators: for WordPress users whose content is their product including corporate bloggers and hobby bloggers.
  • Entrepreneur: for WordPress users who use WordPress as a tool to promote another product or service.
  • Developer: for WordPress users who write the code, create the plugins and generally make WordPress work.


Why WordCamp?

WordPress is easily customized and can be as simple or as complex and detailed as the user wants. We’ve used WordPress to build client blogs for several years and recently moved to WordPress as our primary content management system for creating entire websites. WordPress makes it easy for any user to learn to make changes to their website, which is part of the reason we use it for clients, but WordPress also makes it possible for a business to respond quickly and effectively to the industry and to its customers.


By attending WordCamp Fayetteville, clients will:

  • Improve their ability to make changes to their own websites that we build in WordPress
  • Learn techniques that will help them grow their business through their website and social media
  • Make new business contacts and perhaps even find new employees
  • Become better acquainted with how to develop and maintain a corporate blog, which can enhance their business.


Why we love WordCamp Fayetteville

Three of us at The Belford Group have been involved in WordCamp Fayetteville since it began as a grassroots effort three years ago. We’ve helped plan, attended sessions and now as a company are sponsors. This year, co-owner Angela Belford is presenting a session about Google Analytics. Project Manager Angie Albright and Staff Writer Jamie Smith are co-presenting a session about how to write for online to best attract and engage one’s audience. These sessions join a fantastic list of offerings by people from all walks of life.


Each of us came to WordCamp from different backgrounds and for different reasons. Here’s what each of us had to say about why we love WordCamp Fayetteville:


“I love Wordcamp because of the networking. I always meet interesting people and end up learning as much outside of the session as I do inside the session. I also like being on the planning committee because it’s often the only time I get to work on a project with other local web developers and have made some great friends by doing this.”-Angela Belford


“I attribute getting my job as staff writer at The Belford Group to participating in WordCamp Fayetteville because that’s where I first really got a chance to become friends with Angela Belford. I first started helping with WordCamp Fayetteville to build a freelance business I was creating at the time but found that it also helped me with my personal blogs and website. I love attending WordCamp because it gives me the chance to learn new information, grow my skills and make new friends. Participating on the planning committee has made it possible for me to feel like a contributing part of making a fantastic event even more worth-while.” –Jamie Smith


“WordPress people are special. There is a great spirit of camaraderie at WordCamp, and I feel like each year I am forming a support group for the work I do for myself and my company on WordPress. I always feel inspired to dig into my WordPress sites after WordCamp, and I feel empowered and ready to try new things. I always leave feeling like I’ve managed to fully indulge my inner tech geek!”-Angie Albright