If you have a Facebook business page you may notice that your page will not show up in Facebook’s internal search if someone spells your business’ name wrong or tries using an alternate search phrase to find it.  While search engines like Google and Bing are capable of this, Facebook’s internal search is unfortunately an imperfect system.

Facebook’s search will suggest things that it thinks best fit a search based on your past searches, likes, locations, etc.  Also, if you already like the page it will be more likely that the business page will show as soon as you start typing the name.

Facebook’s internal search is limited, but there are things that you can do to make sure that your business page has a better chance of showing up.  These Facebook tips are also great search engine optimization (SEO) tips to push your company’s website up in the rankings on Google and other traditional search engines.

  • Optimize your URL/Title: Pick your page name and vanity URL wisely.  Your URL and title should include the name of your business.
  • About & Info Sections: The about and info sections are important places on your business’ Facebook page to incorporate target keywords. On the info section, be consistent with branding for your business’ products and services.
  • Status Updates/Posts: Your posts show up in Facebook searches (on traditional search engines), so make sure that you are incorporating keywords throughout your status updates.
  • Creating Apps/Tabs:  Create apps (formerly Facebook landing pages) that are named appropriately with keywords related to your company.  Creating a welcome app can showcase keyword rich information about your company.  You should include your company website’s URL in the app so that you gain an inbound link to your website, which will increase your credibility with search engines.
  • Link Building: Building links with Facebook can bring added traffic to your site. Examples of link building would be posting your website URL in your profile and posting status updates to your website or blog posts. The website URL is not limited to just your homepage.  You can link to your services, contact page, or other page that is relevant to your updates or profile.

Facebook’s internal search engine has mainly been used to search people, and that is why the search is weak compared to other search engines with which you may be familiar.  Perhaps with more businesses increasing their presence on Facebook this will change in the near future.  Until then, implementing these tips may help people to find you easier.  Have you optimized your business’ Facebook page?

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