Simon Sinek says we must start with Why. However, I do think what gives context to Why. Elevate with The Belford Group provides communication training and coaching to people to improve their work lives by reducing their workplace stress and improving the success of the entity they apply their skills to each day.

The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer.
Peter Drucker

To create a customer, you must find a problem the customer is willing to trade money to solve. They have a problem, they have money. You have a solution; you accept money to provide that solution.  At The Belford Group, we enjoy offering interesting solutions to hard problems.

Win for Client

For The Belford Group, when we create and keep a customer, we prefer to work in a win-win-win scenario. Win for the client (or client’s representative – leader, employee, owner). We want to provide solutions that will drive top line revenue growth or bottom-line profit. Retention and engagement are huge drivers of bottom-line profit. For service-based businesses, staffing costs are the top expense line item. If we improve team members’ performance and reduce stress, they stay in the job and will be more engaged. Essentially, we believe that emotional costs have to be factored into the bottom-line profit equation and when they are, they ultimately produce financial savings.

Win for The Belford Group

We want to excel and be motivated to do the work. When we can bring our whole selves to work, our clients get the best of our creativity and problem-solving abilities. With a bachelor’s Marketing and masters in Internet Marketing, I’ve built the business for many years by speaking at conferences, trade shows, and Chamber of Commerce events. With over 30 years’ experience in training and development, teaching others the art and science of presentation skills. Additionally, adding the Life Coach Certification has added a new dimension of addressing fears related to speaking up which builds on the topics introduced in my first book, Be Freaking Awesome that will be expounded upon in my 2nd book.

Win for the community and the world

We believe when people are engaged and less stressed at work, they will naturally be better parents, better coaches, better volunteers, and better community members. We believe the skills we teach people about how their nervous system works and how to communicate better will ultimately make them better humans with more freedom, grace, and joy. More joyful humans create a better world.

Angela Belford
The Belford Group

If you are intrigued and want to learn more, please reach out and schedule a free 20-minute consultation to discuss how you can reduce stress, have more freedom, and improve your communication and presentation skills.