Why-Consistency-is-Important-in-BrandingThe strength of your brand strategy is all in the details. Designing an awesome logo and tag line is very important, but if you lose sight of the finer points of your branding message and forget to maintain consistency with all the elements then your branding efforts will suffer and potential clients will see you as disorganized.

Do the research’

to be successful. It’s always best to get things right the first time. Choose a font style and color that best represents your business and then try to abide by those themes. Consistency is important in branding because you want customers to see that you can stick to something and that your branding has a deeper meaning than just your favorite color.

Find a Font that Works

  • Finding a font that works for your business’ personality can be overwhelming but if you can develop a theme you want your business to portray or a quality you want to highlight, then you can go from there. Consider what kind of personality you want your brand to convey. Choose a font based off of that personality and also consider whether any style variations would be appropriate, such as italics, light, regular, or bold. Your font should serve as an extension of your brand.

Think about the Future

  • Consider what your business will grow to be in the future and whether you plan to offer additional services. Make your font reflect what your business is now and what it could be in the future. This seems like a hard task to fulfill but at least considering these types of questions will help you determine how to create the best font for your branding materials. Brand recognition is very helpful in boosting sales, so as long as your branding can reflect your business’ services or goods then you won’t have to abandon your current branding materials.

Determine Font Function

  • Will people be reading your chosen font on business cards, billboards, or online? Think about where people will come in contact with your font and marketing messages so that you can adjust the font accordingly. Try using fonts with contrasting characteristics for headlines and body text, which will build visual texture to your document or web page. You can also use all similar fonts for a more streamlined look.

Develop a Style Sheet

  • Make sure that anyone who is updating your business’ website, printing new business cards, or revising your brochure uses your company’s style guide. This document should include the colors and styles of fonts that can be used on certain materials and may also contain information on the use of images and the positioning of text for particular materials. Developing a comprehensive style sheet will help make you accountable to the branding strategy you have adopted and will help you ensure that your company’s voice doesn’t become muddled by inconsistencies.

Consistency is Key

  • Don’t create an unprofessional image for your company by using inconsistent fonts and styles. Random fonts and styles on materials for your business can mute the voice of your brand and conveys a lack of structure. This is very true for websites as visitors to your site can easily tell if you use a different font for all the pages. That type of inconsistent technique can create confusion amongst potential clients and can make your finely worded content difficult to read. When you carefully choose fonts for your business that reflect what the business stands for then you can deliver a strategic message that makes an impact.

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