Hiring The Belford Group

When you hire The Belford Group for your branding there are many things you can expect in addition to excellence and quality. Below are listed the steps in The Belford Group’s branding process, which typically takes between two and four weeks.

  1. First, we need to get to know you! You can call us at 479.443.9945 or contact us through our website to schedule an initial meeting.
  2. After our first meeting, we will present you with a proposal. After it’s signed and the first payment is made, we’ll start on your project.
  3. Our first step in the branding process is to create four logo options in black and white. We initially only make logos in black and white because there are occasions when a logo can only be used in one color, such as embroidery, a car decal, or a sponsorship for a non-profit. Therefore, your logo should be recognizable and attractive in only one color.
  4. After a logo design is approved, we will present the logo with four color options.
  5. Once the logo and colors are decided, we will design either a business card or a rack card, with a set of one or the other included in the branding package.
  6. We will also create a style guide that comes with your logo in a vertical format, horizontal format, just the icon, just the name, approved fonts, and approved colors for easy marketing in the future.

If you’re interested in branding services or have additional branding questions, please don’t hesitate to contact The Belford Group. We’d love to hear from you.