In our last blog about branding, we talked about just what this word “branding” means, at least in the verb form. We talked about how it’s important to have a consistent image across all forms of communication, be it printed material, signage and other visual representations of your business.

But what makes a good branding package (and how does The Belford Group accomplish this?)

A good branding package:

  • Remains consistent across all forms of representation from the logo to printed materials and use in ads;
  • Evokes a positive emotional response from your target audience;
  • Motivates people to purchase your product or service;
  • Gives a sense of business credibility;
  • Conveys your corporate culture; and
  • Encourages customer loyalty through recognition.

“A brand that captures your mind gains behavior. A brand that captures your heart gains commitment.” –Jeffrey Sinclair

Establishing Identity 

The most important part of branding is establishing the identity that is being branded. After all, you can’t convey a consistent message about something that doesn’t exist yet, right?

That’s why we start out by asking our branding consultation clients some basic questions about their company including what are their:


  • Services;
  • Target audience;
  • Existing marketing efforts;
  • Business personality; and
  • Business objectives.

We also will want to know in general, how do you want people to think of you? What do you want to be known and remembered as?

 “Your culture is your brand.” – Tony Hsieh, CEO of

It’s OK if you don’t know all the answers to these questions. We can guide you through determining the answers as we help you determine or create your corporate identity.


Once we have those answers, we’re ready to begin the production aspect of your branding package.


Logo as Visual Anchor 

The foundation of a good branding package is to have a strong, effective logo. But logos aren’t created overnight or out of thin air. Our expert design team must know what your business is about. That’s why we start this process by developing and determining your corporate identity…it’s what drives the rest of the process.

We take this information and either update your existing logo or create an entirely new logo that best fits how you’ve described your business and its goals. Branding clients are given a couple of different logo options from which to choose.

An excellent logo must be:

  1. Industry relevant
  2. Recognizable and memorable
  3. Effective in both color, and black and white
  4. Functional in various sizes
  5. Easy to describe

Fonts and Colors Matter! 

The colors and typefaces that are chosen for your logo will be a part of your overall branding, including having the same “shades” of the colors. In other words, good branding doesn’t have, say, three different versions of the color blue or red. It’s the same shade across all platforms.

The resulting brand image can be applied across all your marketing materials — everything from business cards to billboards to websites—presenting a polished and consistent brand presence across the board. Our branding packages usually include consulting, logo creation and the design of some form of branded material, either for print or online format.

A few examples 

Our growing portfolio has examples of what we are talking about when it comes to creating a branding package. Just two examples include:


The Belford Group logo for Lindsey School of Real Estate features black mortarboard and house-shaped book

Lindsey School of Real Estate’s logo demonstrates clearly that it’s a school … about real estate. Notice the classic mortar board cap in the center, the appearance of an opening book (or doorway!) at the bottom and the look of a rooftop at the top. Put together with simple, strong colors, this logo is easily replicated in several sizes and forms.



Natural Building Solutions has a logo that is green and has a letter “N” in the center. The font gives the idea of bamboo or a natural feel. The shape of the logo gives the idea of “earth friendly” and the color green shows growth and environmentally friendly. Their logo is easily replicated in several forms including as a shadow on letterhead or as a strong anchor graphic design component on their business card.


Are you ready for some branding?
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