Web development is a broad term usually used to simply say…we “do” websites. But in reality, web development and web design are both a science and an art.

At The Belford Group, we offer web development services that combine both the science and art of creating the best website to fit your needs.

A good website isn’t just about how technical and whiz bang that you can make it; it’s about being visually appealing, having functional components and providing useful information.

Development or Design?

To be clear, web development generally refers to the software and coding side of things. Our web developers create software applications that will be used within a client’s website. The science is making sure the forms are functional; the art is being creative as a developer to be able to offer clients new options within their software applications that increase productivity and efficiency for the client.

An example of this would be the customized patient intake forms we created for various medical clients including NWA Pediatric Dental Clinic (soon to launch) and North Hills Surgery Center. These forms save time and money by letting new patients complete the forms online instead of having to arrive early for their appointment to complete the forms on paper.

Web design is the process of planning and developing the infrastructure and individual components of each website…then bringing that site to fruition. It includes the graphic design, the writing and the search engine optimization (SEO).

Our process

Before starting a website, we meet with the client to discuss their overall business goals and how a website could move them closer to goal completion. Is the goal more sales or is it just to provide information? Each desire outcome requires a different strategy that is developed with client input.

Our graphic design and writing staff work cohesively to create visual images and copy that are interesting, but also work towards accomplishing the client’s goals for the website. Two recent examples would be the WaterHeaterStore.co which is an e-commerce site geared specifically towards water heater sales; and the Frisco Festival site, which provides comprehensive information to vendors, sponsors and attendees of the annual event.

The Belford Group is an experienced image-building marketing and website development agency, with more than a decade spent providing creative marketing and advertising solutions to fit any budget …and any medium.

Over the next couple of weeks we’re going to take time to highlight each of our key service areas and share a bit more about what each service means, how we specialize in that service and what it means for our clients. Each week will highlight a different key service area.