In recent weeks, we’ve been looking at each of The Belford Group’s service area and sharing more what each service includes, what it means for our clients. This week, let’s look at the big picture… Marketing.

Vicki Banks uses custom business cards, other custom print materials and a custom website to market her real estate business.

So, what is Marketing?

Sounds like a simple question, doesn’t it? We’ve all heard the term marketing, but what does it mean to you?
At The Belford Group, our marketing services are our ongoing efforts to help you promote your business. This means creating collateral materials, such as a beautiful and engaging website; memorable business cards; informative and effective rack cards; and eye-catching, sales-generating ads that all convey your message. We help you tell your story and grow your business.

Think about it…

Imagine coming to the end of your workday after spending hours meeting with current customers, managing employees and taking care of all the other details involved with your business.
Not tough to picture, is it? After all, business owners and managers are often kept busy from sun up to sun down with the day-to-day operations of their business.
Now, as you think about your day, consider the amount of time you spent getting new and future business. Marketing your business is vital to actually… staying in business. This is most easily and effectively done through providing potential customers with something tangible they can see, touch and remember.

Print materials

Each piece of printed material has a specific purpose. The business card, for example, is relatively tiny so it must share lots of information in a small space. It must tell the person both who you are and how to reach you. It should convey professionalism and at the same time be personable. After all, the person probably received the card through an in-person encounter so it’s important for that experience to be extended beyond the conversation.
Rack cards and brochures are another example of a highly effective print marketing products. They are larger and have a unique shape, allowing you to include more information about your company’s products or services. They give a potential client the ability to take information with them to read as they are evaluating their need for your services.
Millions of magazines, newspapers and phonebooks are printed every year. Is your business represented?
A good print ad does two things: it catches the reader’s eye from among all the other ads on the page, then it provides the information that tells the reader (i.e. potential customer) what they need to know about hiring your business.

Web materials

Since we’re talking about marketing as a whole, we don’t want you to forget the other tools we provide for marketing your business. This includes websites, online business listings and social media (more about that next week!).

A strong marketing plan includes both printed and online materials. Potential customers need to have access to your information at the time they need it, in other words…at the moment they take time to consider their need for your services! If it’s easier for them to access the information with a business card or rack card, those need to be available. If the client prefers looking at a website, your goods and services need to be available in that medium.

Many great examples

The Belford Group’s portfolio is filled with marketing materials for scores of clients. Let’s highlight a few:

  • Southern Hospitality Event Production and Catering has rack cards, business cards and other printed materials for several business ventures.
  • American Window Tinting has vehicle wraps, business cards, rack cards and print advertisements.
  • Lighting Master represents another product and service industry that has found success with marketing materials. We’ve designed ads, business cards, rack cards, postcards and a gorgeous vehicle wrap for this client.

All these examples and more can be found on our website’s portfolio page.
The Belford Group is an experienced image-building marketing and website development agency, with more than a decade spent providing creative marketing and advertising solutions to fit any budget …and any medium.