It’s pretty hard to go just about anywhere without hearing the word “branding” isn’t it? It seems to us that the same word is being used to convey several related ideas so we decided to share our thoughts on branding and how we use it in our business.

When we at The Belford Group talk branding, we mean working with clients to create a consistent image across different avenues. This idea is also often known as developing a corporate identity and includes logo creation as well as combining color schemes and consistent fonts that would be used in all online platforms or in print materials.

But let’s look more closely at this whole idea of “branding.”

Creating the image

In the noun form, brand refers to a specific name or identity of a company or organization. Take, for example, Apple, Inc. Anywhere you see that trademark apple with a bite out of it you know the product will meet certain quality expectations. A good, consistent brand goes beyond a good logo. All Apple products are similar in style, color schemes and general looks.


When used as a verb, branding usually refers the act of taking the company or organization’s desired image and first creating tools to convey that image, such as a logo. Logos are more than just pretty…they send a message about the organization’s culture and style.

The created logo is used to help our clients’ customers easily notice their brand and its associated identity or reputation. When people see the logo they will immediately think of the associated identity. The logo for our client Southern Hospitality Event Production and Catering is simple, elegant and conveys a sense of inclusiveness often associated with Southern-style hospitality…just like the company.


Strategically using the image

The second part of branding is taking the created tools and strategically using them to make the company or organization readily recognizable. This step happens when we use the logo created for our clients and use it on their website, printed materials, on clothing, or signs, and other visual representations of their business or organization.

Take, for example, our client Courtesy Care Cleaning and Restoration. The company offers a variety of home restoration, carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Northwest Arkansas and parts of Oklahoma. Their logo and color scheme is consistent across all of their print products, throughout the website and Facebook page.
We work with clients to understand their identity so that we can create a logo and related materials that best expresses that identity. It requires both the ability to work with a variety of corporate cultures and the graphic design skills to take those ideas and give them a visual presence.

Over the next couple of weeks we’re going to take time to highlight each of our key service areas and share a bit more about what each service means, how we specialize in that service and what it means for our clients.