The Belford Group understands how important your website it is to you and we want it to not only look good, but also perform well. To do this, we start at the beginning and audit your website to make you aware of everything we see that needs improving. After we have audited your site and decided on the theme and content, we will move on to designing (or redesigning) your website.  In addition to auditing, designing, and creating your website, The Belford Group offers to host each site we build on our server.

Recently The Belford Group has begun building each of our client’s sites in WordPress. WordPress is one of the biggest trends in web development right now, with millions of users and developers, which makes it great for any business or personal blogger to use! WordPress is a content management system that is used for website development and also as a blogging platform. WordPress is easy to use with quick options for managing the content of your site.

Here at The Belford Group, our team is trained and experienced in web development and is happy to offer you these services:

  • Website Audits
  • Website Design & Redesign
  • WordPress Conversion
  • Web Hosting

Be sure to contact The Belford Group for all of your website needs!