What is Voice Search?

“Hey Google, where is the closest Walmart”? This is voice search. It allows users to speak into a device as opposed to typing keywords into a search box to generate results. We use this type of search when asking questions of Google, Cortana, Siri, and Alexa.

Tips To Optimize for It

This type of search is rapidly growing in popularity and changes the keywords that you can use on your website to optimize for voice search. According to Forbes.com, here are 4 Tips to Optimize for Voice Search:

  1. Ensure Your Website Loads Quickly
  2. Write The Way That You Speak
  3. Include Featured Blocks of Content (meta descriptions)
  4. Concentrate on Local Searches

Adding “near me” or “in [insert your town]” to your keyword strings helps optimize.

Resources for Search Questions

Need ideas for what questions people might ask when searching for your industry, products, or services?  We recommend that you go to Answer The Public and type in your keywords to get a list of questions. For example, I typed in “fleet management” and got this result:


Also, you may type in a question on Google search, and Google will tell you what other questions people asked about that topic. This is another excellent resource for finding voice search keywords. See the example below:


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If you optimize your site now, you’ll likely be ahead of the competition and see strong rankings that will effectively grow your brand long-term.

How about you? Do you use voice search now more than typing in keywords?

Get Help 

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