Intro: For the final 11 days of 2011, we’re going to take a look at some of the top mistakes made this year in our industry… including social media, marketing, branding, graphic design, web design and SEO.

#3 Burger King got creepy and stayed that way

Does this face make you want to buy more hamburgers? Burger King finally got the message (Photo from

The mistake here is really not fixing the ongoing problem until 2011. So it still qualifies. What are we talking about? Well, as anyone who has a television knows, Burger King’s mascot has been a creepy, plastic-faced king for several years. This King has been seen playing with children, peeping in windows, coming into homes… you name it.

It took Burger King YEARS of never catching up to McDonalds and six quarters of slipping sales to finally fire the company that came up with this insanely creepy idea of a mascot.

Lesson learned: Don’t have a creepy mascot attached to your branding. Not much else we can say ‘bout that.