There are many definitions floating around in today’s society of what marketing really is. So what’s the actual definition? Some might say that it is simply promotion; some might say that it’s an advertisement, or a press release, or a brochure. But we here at The Belford Group know the truth. We know that marketing is the culmination of each of these things and more. Marketing is the intersection of business and consumers; it’s where the self-interest of the business meets the needs of the consumers.

The Belford Group is a full service marketing agency that provides an array of marketing services including marketing consulting, brochure and print design, advertising, internet marketing services, and direct marketing. We know how vital ongoing marketing efforts are to the success of your company.

Our marketing expert, Angela Belford, will begin by creating a marketing plan that will outline your company’s marketing goals and objectives. Next, we will map out strategies to achieve those goals and objectives and then plan for what marketing tools and services we will need to use and when and how we will need to use them.

Once your company’s marketing plan has been created we can dive right in to the planning and designing of each and every marketing material you will need. The Belford Group’s diverse portfolio of print items lends itself to our great capability to produce almost any print item you might need including, business cards, brochures, rack cards, and signage.

In addition to our designing of print materials for distribution, we also create beautiful and eye catching advertisements. Our in-depth knowledge of both traditional and  Internet marketing allows us to strategically create and place ads in the avenue that will best reach your target audience whether that is in a magazine, on social media outlets, or on the Web. When you choose to work with The Belford Group you’re advertising options are nearly endless.

For more information on services provided by The Belford Group visit, stop by our office, 1142 N. Futrall Drive, Fayetteville, AR 72703, or call us at 479.443.9945