By mid-2012 it’s hard to find a business or organization that would say social media is not somehow important to their overall marketing strategy. It’s become an accepted concept that social media is a vital part of business success. The continued conundrum for many businesses and organizations is just how to manage this thing called social media.


Good social media strategy makes sure it has what we call the three Cs:

  • Channel-finding the right social media platform for your message
  • Consistency-using consistent tone and timing of updates
  • Content-developing content that is engaging and informative.


This graphic explains the difference between some of the most popular social media platforms in an easy, humorous way. Managing a multi-platform social media strategy is best handled by a full-service marketing agency. (Photo courtesy of Flickr user ChrisL_AK)Sounds easy, right? After all, social media is as simple as learning how to write in 140 characters on Twitter and how to be witty on Facebook … or is it?


Social media marketing is a learned skill

Social media marketing is a strategic business practice that requires specific skills and knowledge. It also requires someone who is able to stay up on the many changes that happen in social media from changing search engine algorithms to radical changes to social media platform interaction to new social media platforms that rise to the surface.


Hiring a full-service marketing agency to manage social media is the best way for a business to position itself for social media success. It also gives the business owner the ability to spend time doing what he or she loves to do best while the marketing agency gets to do what it does best.


Social media marketing’s 3 Ms

A full-service marketing agency can provide what today we will call the 3 Ms of social media (we apparently like the alphabet around here): message, materials and marketing strategy.


A marketing agency has staff members who are trained to craft a message that is positive, effective and consistent with the branding. The agency can help maintain the same essential message across all platforms be it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or blogging, while at the same time customizing the message to be appropriate for each platform’s audience.



Social media is about more than just typing in witty information and hitting “share.” Graphic design and other forms of imagery are becoming a vital social media strategy tools. A full-service marketing agency has the graphic design staff that can create the necessary images.



Social media may be free to use, but its cost comes in time spent understanding the platforms, developing strategy and maintaining a presence online. Developing and maintaining a community of online brand advocates requires consistent management. A full-service marketing agency helps a business owner by skillfully managing all the pieces of the social media puzzle into one cohesive strategy.

Need help?

The Belford Group is a full-service marketing and website development agency with a complete staff of web developers, project managers, marketing consultants, staff writers, and graphic designers.  Producing everything from logos and branding guidelines to complete marketing and media plans to SEO and internet marketing strategies for  businesses and non-profits, The Belford Group believes in partnering with their clients to most effectively communicate their message.