Social Media Opportunities for Startups


There are many social media opportunities for startup companies. These opportunities can diversify a company within the marketplace and display the benefits of patronizing that particular company. However, too much social media management can be a bad thing for startup businesses. It is important to create a social media plan for your new company and stick to it in order to avoid wasting time that might be better spent elsewhere. Here is some advice for manipulating various social media sites for your business’ benefit:


  • Facebook – In order to reach customers and let people know about your services, it is critical for your startup to have a Facebook page. Start a new Facebook profile with your business email. Regardless of whether or not you already have a personal profile, a separate profile should be created for your company so that your professional life is separate from your personal life. This also allows you to create a business fan page. Potential customers can like your page and get information on your startup. Include an appealing description of the company. Try to post interesting content, including photos and links back to your website on a regular basis. Remember to “review” one of your products or services once a week so fans can see the benefit of your startup.
  • Twitter – Set up an individual account for your startup company. Start by creating a description of your company and post some pictures of your goods or services. When you only have 140 characters to use for a tweet, it is important to post pictures that tell a story or that are descriptive of your startup. Create a plan for your tweets and tweet about two times a day. It is important to engage followers on Twitter by implementing a creative social media plan, including opportunities for engagement and special deals for followers.
  • Google+ – Set up a profile for your startup and upload a few pictures that describe what your company is really about. Fill out the “About” section thoroughly and include keywords in the content. Publish updates that will appeal to your target audience, even if the post isn’t about your good or service. This will help you establish a relationship with potential customers. Post on Google+ about two times per week. If you’re in a time crunch, post updates on Facebook and Twitter first.

These pieces of social media advice for startup businesses should help to engage the target audience and inform potential customers of the benefits of patronizing that particular company. It is important for startups to establish a dialogue with customers so that their brand can begin to grow and thrive.


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