Small business marketing is becoming more developed and marketing trends will continue to play a large role in creating revenue and awareness for a company. The marketing trends below will lead to improved web presence for small businesses and will define 2013.

  • Mobile marketing: As the number of mobile users continuously increases, small businesses will need to offer mobile versions of webpages containing the same content and which will display correctly on any device. Increase consumer use of mobile apps, mobile sites, and mobile commerce, having already majorly affected large businesses, will now force small businesses to develop mobile marketing strategies. An effective mobile presence is vital to keeping customers happy. While you might have to outsource the mobile design if you have a complex website, most mobile marketing campaigns can be carried out at a valued price. It will also be imperative for small companies to have social media profiles on all major social media outlets.
  • SEO and content promotions: Small businesses will need to produce quality website content and promote it using social media in order to be found online. Small businesses will have to earn their Google ranking by utilizing SEO practices (keywords, links, etc) and then promoting that content off site in order to create buzz about the business and its products or services. Creating quality content to be displayed on the company website is the first step in gaining good SEO rankings, so small businesses might be best outsourcing their content writing.
  • Email marketing: Optimizing email communications for mobile users will be an important trend to follow this year. Customers appreciate exclusive information or deals offered through emails, such as mobile coupons. Ensuring that the email renders correctly on all types of mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc) will be the biggest issue for small businesses to overcome. If the message can’t be read by the customer, then your money has gone to waste. Certain design elements must be altered when transferring the display of the site from a desktop computer to a mobile device and the message must be concise and interesting. The goal is to provide valuable email content to your subscribers and be aware of what they want to see.
  • Personalize ecommerce: Personalizing special deals and promo offers for customers who subscribe to email lists is a trend which gets customers excited to receive content. Daily deals can be a part of a successful marketing campaign that gets word out about the program via small business marketing channels.
  • Social Media Advertising: Small businesses taking the time to advertise on social media will experience great benefits this year. Utilizing social media outlets can help small businesses plug into new audiences. Small businesses can target niche audiences through Facebook or Twitter, even on a small budget.

Small businesses adhering to these marketing trends for 2013 will experience increased online awareness and customers will acquire a new user experience that will make purchasing products or services easier. Does your small business know how to use these marketing trends to increase revenue and online awareness?


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