Google Analytics is a valuable tool for monitoring your website’s SEO. (graphic courtesy of Flickr user seocamberley) 

Establishing good search-engine optimization (SEO) might seem like a “do it once and leave it” kind of business practice. After all, unless a business goes through a major rebranding and changes services, the keywords and descriptions on the website should still be valid, right?


Not necessarily.

SEO is something that should be consistently monitored using an analytics program like Google Analytics. All of The Belford Group’s website clients are given access to their Google Analytics data so that they can regularly monitor what type of person is coming to their site, what they find most interesting and how the viewer is finding the site.


Why care about SEO?

There are several ways that business owners and managers can and should use SEO data including:

  • making decisions about possible new services based on what people are searching for online,
  • learning more about current and potential target audiences, and
  • determining what marketing strategies should be developed to increase business.


Another reason to care about SEO is that it’s a strong indicator of how well the business is or could be performing. In this age of digital interaction, most people visit websites as they make purchasing decisions and find products or services online, even if they end up making the final purchase in person. This makes having a website that is easy to find all the more vital. Are sales numbers down? Enhancing SEO on the company website could help solve that problem.


The how-to of SEO

Enhancing SEO is more than just adding a few keywords or using the website link more often on social media, although both are important parts of good SEO. The rules for how to get websites to the top of search engine rankings seem to be constantly evolving.


An SEO consultant such as The Belford Group can interpret the data from Google Analytics and recognize trends that indicate where SEO enhancements can be made. A consultant would also strategically develop a plan that would increase search engine rankings using multiple tools such as a company blog, improved social media interaction, link building and refreshed keyword development. In other words, an SEO consultant can look at the big picture and decide the best action steps to increase SEO, thus driving more business to the client.


Need help?

The Belford Group is a full-service marketing and website development agency with a full staff of web developers, marketing consultants, staff writers, and graphic designers.  Producing everything from logos and branding guidelines to complete marketing and media plans to SEO and internet marketing strategies for  businesses and non-profits, The Belford Group believes in partnering with their clients to most effectively communicate their message.