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Angela Belford

Angela Belford, CEO/Senior Marketing Consultant, The Belford Group
Angela Belford is a force to be reckoned with in the world of business and personal development. With over 25 years of experience in the Northwest Arkansas business community, Angela has used her talents and skills to develop people, businesses, and nonprofits.

Angela earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Marketing from the Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, where she honed her skills in marketing, advertising, and business strategy. She later went on to complete a Master of Science in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University, expanding her knowledge in web-based technology, search engine optimization, and creative direction. Her innovative ideas and fresh approach have helped countless businesses succeed and grow.

But Angela’s talents don’t stop there. She is also an entertaining public speaker and teacher, known for her engaging and informative talks on a variety of topics related to marketing, personal development, and leadership. Her coaching services have also become increasingly popular, as she helps individuals unlock their full potential and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Since 1999, Angela’s vision and strategic thinking have been an integral part of growing The Belford Group, the digital marketing agency she co-owns with her developer husband, Barry. Together, they have built a team of experts who can bring any idea to life, from complex web applications to user-friendly websites.

Barry Belford CIO

Barry Belford, CIO & Senior Developer, The Belford Group
Barry Belford is a tech genius with over three decades of experience in computer programming. He has an innate ability to take complex systems or processes and simplify them, creating user-friendly web-based applications that support businesses to get the job done with ease and efficiency. As the head of the technical team at The Belford Group’s digital marketing agency, Barry and his team of developers have mastered what other companies find hard or complicated. They work with a diverse range of clients, ensuring their needs are met and their ideas come to life.

Barry’s expertise is not limited to creating web-based applications. He’s also the visionary behind our website development team, ensuring that your website not only looks and feels amazing but is technically sound too. From the design and development to the testing and launch, Barry and his team take care of every aspect of website creation.

Barry’s passion for technology and his ability to turn complex ideas into simple and elegant solutions is what sets him apart from others in the field. With his expertise, businesses can streamline their processes, improve productivity, and enhance their online presence. If you’re looking for someone to bring your ideas to life, Barry and his team at The Belford Group are the right people for the job.

Barry Belford CIO

Sami Kinnison, Team Lead, The Belford Group
Introducing the powerhouse leading our professional development division, Be Freaking Awesome and Elevate – Sami Kinnison. With over 10 years of experience in communication training, she’s taken the stage at more than 20 workshops and professional development events, captivating audiences with her engaging and dynamic approach.

Sami’s passion for communication is matched only by her commitment to excellence, and she brings both to every client engagement. Her background in operations management gives her a unique perspective on the needs of businesses, allowing her to tailor her approach to each client’s specific needs.

A proud graduate of the University of Arkansas, Sami holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Advertising/Public Relations, setting her apart as a true expert in her field. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, she’s also responsible for making the Belfords more than just a couple – as the oldest daughter of Angela and Barry, she’s turned them into a true group.

Whether you’re looking to take your team’s communication skills to the next level or seeking professional development opportunities for yourself, Sami Kinnison is the one you want in your corner. Get ready to be wowed by Sami’s expertise and energy as she helps you achieve your goals and become your best self.

Sami Kinnison – 

How to navigate working with your family

Working with family comes with a unique set of challenges

Angela Belford –

One of The Northwest Arkansas Business Journal’s 2016 Women in Business

“The individuals featured in this year’s Women in Business section come from diverse backgrounds and have a variety of interests.”

The Belford Group was chosen to take part in ScaleUp Ozarks!!

ScaleUp Ozarks is an initiative to maximize the potential of small businesses around the nation to positively impact our communities. We were picked as one of fifteen candidates to take part and spent 16 weeks in an entrepreneurial education program. We are thankful for such an amazing experience!

Angela Head Shot

14th Annual Kiss a Pig Gala

Thank you for joining Angela Belford as Northwest Arkansas’ finest community leaders competed for the chance to kiss a pig to recognize it for producing the first source of insulin for people with diabetes. 

The GALA is over but it’s never too late to lend a HAND to help STOP DIABETES!


Real Men Wear Pink

When I was invited to participate in the 2016 Real Men Wear Pink campaign, the reality of cancer struck me again. This time, it was looking in the eyes of my wife and daughters and dreaming ahead to the potential of having granddaughters and wondering, would they be touched by cancer? I count it a privilege to join forces with others in my community to help fund research that will move us closer to a cure and to a “world free from the pain and suffering of breast cancer.”


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Looking for a speaker on technology, internet marketing, or entrepreneurship?

Looking for a speaker on technology, internet marketing, or entrepreneurship?