TBG-Pinterest-For-BusinessPinterest has been a darling of social media since its launch in March 2010. With 53 million unique users every month in the U.S. alone, it’s not hard to see why the platform is considered a good resource for business. So how do you effectively pin, create boards, and engage other users effectively for your business? With a little patience, creativity, and making the most of the tips below, you can be well on your way to promoting your business on Pinterest:

  1. Target your audience. 80% of Pinterest users are female, with the majority of them being young moms.
  2. Pin consistently at a steady rate. Pinning too much or too little can cause followers to disengage. Set aside ten minutes each day to pin fresh content.
  3. Create your own content. 80% of Pinterest pins are actually repins. And don’t forget to add a watermark to your original images so your content always gets linked back to you!
  4. Treat the Pinterest sphere like the real world. Give credit where it is due, say thank you to those who support you, don’t constantly talk about yourself, and always be courteous.
  5. Optimize your boards. Include keywords in the descriptions and have searchable titles. Have diversity between boards.
  6. Pin taller images. That doesn’t mean overlong, but taller images tend to look better and stick out on Pinterest feeds.
  7. Utilize hashtags. Two or three is a good number to use. Make sure your hashtags relate to your pin and are searchable terms in your industry.
  8. Interact with other users. Find influencers in your sphere and comment on their pins to engage the community you’re targeting. Don’t forget to tag their username!
  9. Use quality links and images. Make sure every link you pin goes to its intended destination. Pin images that are of good quality and interesting.
  10. Use video. We saw a huge jump in video in 2014 and it’s mostly untapped on Pinterest, why not be ahead of the curve and start now?

What advice has helped your business presence on Pinterest?