Empowering People. Simplifying Tasks.

Community Connection is a management software solution designed to empower people by simplifying administrative tasks.

Engaging with people is at the heart of the work non-profit organizations do. We understand that. Community Connection seeks to partner with you to accomplish your goals and equip you with highly effective administrative tools that will allow you to concentrate your efforts in the area you love the most –  investing in people!

Empowering people to DONATE time, talents and finances

With Community Connection, organizing residents in your area who wish to make a positive impact on the lives of people in your community is easier than ever before. This extensive management software streamlines the entire administrative process with easy-to-use group management tools. Your volunteers and contributors can schedule their donations of time, talents and finances online utilizing this user-friendly, client-driven system. Families, groups and individuals create a personalized account complete with unique profile and secure login. Communication between volunteers/contributors and staff is swift and simplified through the many features that Community Connection has to offer as well as aiding non-profit staff in efforts of recruiting and fundraising.

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Community Connection Software
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We want to be your organization partner.
You’re on the front lines for changing lives.
We know you don’t see yourselves as heroes, but we do, and we want to help.

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