If you are a merchant that uses Google Shopping as free online advertising, your potential customers will no longer see your products listed beginning October 17. Google Shopping will transition to a Paid Listings Service here in the United States. This transition means that as a merchant you will no longer be able to list your products for free on Google Shopping (formerly Google Product Search). Google’s new system will only feature products from companies that have paid to be included.


This change has many merchants running for the hills because they don’t fully understand the changes being implemented. Don’t let this transition cause you to back away from Google. Because Google receives more traffic than most comparison shopping engines you will still be reaching a much larger consumer base by staying.


With the Paid Listings Service merchants will need to understand the details of how product and search engines work in order to have a successful campaign. Merchants need to carefully implement paid ads, or work with an agency that understands how to successfully list products with Google.


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