Mobile search engine optimization (SEO), while similar to traditional SEO, does have different components that can be manipulated in order to be more effective. Mobile SEO is the way in which you develop a mobile site that is considered by user agents (a software agent that is active during a communications session) and search engines to be popular or useful when certain searches are made. Mobile search engines utilize different algorithms to analyze your site in comparison to traditional web searches. The evaluation of your site based on how well your web page displays on the type of phone that submitted the search is important. There are other factors that are considered in how a site is ranked according to SEO standards, but this component plays a large role. It is critical to ensure that your content will load quickly and display well on any mobile device if you desire a high ranking.


Bounce rates are another medium through which mobile SEO is evaluated. The bounce rate is adapted from traditional SEO to fit mobile SEO purposes. The user agents ensure mobile visitors act as gauges for how the website displays on their phone. If the website does not display well, the site will have a high bounce rate and will therefore not be ranked as highly for mobile SEO.


Knowing your brand’s mobile audience is a key to succeeding in mobile SEO. Awareness of what keywords were used when a search engine led a user to your site is helpful in developing mobile SEO because you can then market your site to those specific users. User experience is another key to developing a good mobile site that will reduce bounce rates. Users must feel comfortable navigating your mobile site. Creating content specifically for mobile display can be a good idea. This option should be used if your traditional site isn’t working correctly on mobile devices. Mobile-specific content can be created on a mobile subdomain such as


Mobile SEO is an ongoing process that will likely lead to an increased amount of traffic to your site, resulting in the possibility of more mobile business.


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