Jason Ward


Jason M. Ward


In May of 2011, I graduated from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. I now hold degrees in Geography and African and African-American Studies.


As a new intern operating a bit outside of my area of study, I’m very pleased to be learning how social media as a marketing tool is continuously evolving and improving. I’m glad to be in a productive environment learning useful skills that will benefit the company, and also any other personal endeavors I may want to promote in the future.


I think that my writing and communication skills will prove most useful as an intern at The Belford Group. I look forward to continuing to improve my style and versatility as a writer as I’m working with a variety of businesses and different social media.


If I were to create a children’s book, it would be called Moohogbark. It would be about a pig that undergoes a series of identity crises as four different animals. Originally an unhappy pig, he/she magically transforms into a cow, then an aardvark, then a dog. In the end he/she/it turns into a creature that is part pig, cow, aardvark and dog and is named Moohogbark. I would enjoy doing the writing and illustration, though I would also like to invite a certain friend of mine to help create hilarious and vivid cartoon drawings to help capture Moohogbark’s beautiful and bizarre essence.


As a dream hobby, I would love to get a wing suit (and a parachute) and jump from a cliff to become The Belford Group’s first flying squirrel intern. Learning how to break dance would be cool too.


The best advice I’ve received and that I continue to try and live by is: “Do not pass judgment or disbelieve that which we refuse to try and understand.” Of course I hold my own personal opinions about many issues in the world, but I am very interested in all kinds of people, cultures, ideas and, and concepts. However, I try to remind myself always to seek reason and understanding before forming an idea or opinion about anything significant.


My tagline: “Our limitations are only representations of what has not yet been achieved.”