Erik Northfell


Erik Northfell



University of Arkansas, Fulbright College



Bachelor of Fine Arts, spring 2012


What interests you most about your new internship?

What interests me most in the internship is probably working with a wide variety of clients—something that I don’t have a lot of experience with doing.

What skill do you think you will enjoy using most in your job and why?
I think the skill I’ll enjoy using the most is web design. I love how it’s ultimately a mesh of both right- and left-brain thinking.

If you could create a children’s book, what would it be about and what role would you play in creating it?
If I could create a children’s book, I think it’d probably be a goofy series with all the good tropes a kid’s book should have—fun illustrations and silly bathroom humor! I’d love to contribute to some of the jokes, but definitely I think I’d have a lot of fun illustrating it.

If you could accomplish a dream hobby, what would it be and why?
Finish making an entire comic series. I love creating and illustrating graphic novels, but being busy with all sorts of things leaves me with little time to work on them.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received and how did you apply it to your life?
The best advice I’ve ever received was, “Don’t take any wooden nickels.” And wouldn’t you know it, to this day—I’ve never accepted any wooden nickels.

If you could write your own personal tagline, what would it be?
Well, perhaps to quote Oscar Wilde: “Life is too important to be taken seriously.”