Candace Chandler The Belford Group Intern

Candace Chandler

Candace Chandler



University of Arkansas



Major in Advertising/Public Relations and Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Business Marketing



Expected in December 2012


What interest me most about my new internship?

I enjoy new challenges and The Belford Group has provided just that. The internship has given me the opportunity to become an expert in branding, marketing, social media management and SEO consulting as well as network with other professionals.

Skills I will enjoy using most in my job?

I am a detailed-oriented individual that takes pride in going the extra mile for every project assigned. I believe that my hard-working skills will be used in a creative and fun way during this internship. I enjoy organizing and developing new ideas and The Belford Group has given me the opportunity to do so.


If I were to create a children’s book, what would it be about and what role would I play?

If I could be an author of a children’s book it would have to be a fairytale story about a princess. When I was learning to read I was always drawn to books that told a heartfelt story of an underdog overcoming a major obstacle.


If I had a dream hobby, what would it be?

Growing up the only time I was ever glued to the TV was when the winter Olympics were on. I always dreamed about being a figure skater. After all, I loved to dance and I could ice skate but I never had to opportunity to put the two together.


What’s the best advice I’ve received and how did I apply it to my life?

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”


My mother always exposed me to new experiences growing up to get me to step out of my box, but as a shy child, I was reluctant to take new risks. She drove me all over the United States competing in beauty pageants, but she could not walk on stage with me, which meant it was all up to me to perform my best. This taught me that she was supportive of anything I did, but only I could make things happen. I have lived by this phrase my entire life and believe that it has made me into the person I am today.


If I had to write a personal tagline, what would it be?

“Monitor and Adjust”