Marketing Your BlogMarketing Your Blog

Blogging has become a very important means of communication, whether it is a personal blog or a blog for a business. However, some blog creators become disappointed when they see they aren’t reaching a large number of viewers. If you have engaging content and are writing about a topic that people are interested in, what’s missing? Marketing. It is critical to market your blog properly if you want to reach a large audience and increase your business’ or your own online presence. Here are some tips that will help you market your blog and make your hobby or job of blog writing more effective.

  • Write with an audience in mind: Each of us has several different interests that fall under a myriad of categories. However, if you want your blog to be successful it is important to write with a target audience in mind and that audience will only be interested in reading about certain topics. This is where professional business blogs will have an advantage because they should only be publishing articles regarding their industry. If you want your personal blog to thrive, try to write with the audience in mind and remember that you can create more than one blog if you have several different interests. The people who view your blog won’t want to sift through posts that don’t interest them to find the posts that do.
  • Maintain originality and honesty: Don’t just write a blog about fashion because it’s the trendy thing to do, be original, and write about things that interest you. A disingenuous blog will not attract readers who actually know about the subject you’re pretending to be interested in. Also, be honest and verify what you’re writing. Include links to other sites/articles to support what you’re saying. This is a good tip for businesses to follow when creating their own professional blog.
  • Post as a guest blogger: Submit your best pieces to the popular blogs – the ones that already have a substantial following. This allows you to link back to your own blog site and create a larger audience. It also gives you more credentials and connections that will intrigue readers. Readers can follow a link in your blog post on that site and can explore all the archives of blogs you’ve already written. This is a great way to drive traffic to your site and businesses can also benefit from collaborating with other businesses in their industry and guest posting on their blogs.
  • Social media marketing: Every time you publish a new blog article make sure to mention it on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The readers that follow you on these social media websites will be appreciative that you’re updating them on your new blog posts and will be more encouraged to take the time to read your posts. In addition to posting about your blog on your social media sites, you should also post about other interesting information that would intrigue your readers. Know when to stop pushing for a larger readership or for more people to buy the products you create and review. It is important to give information that drives more readers or customers to your blog.

Following these tips, whether your blog is personal or professional, will allow you to reach a larger audience and will make your blogs more effective.
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