Anthony Clark RealtorReal estate agents by their very nature need to be “people people” and Realtor Anthony Clark clearly “gets” that. Clark’s use of social media is just what it should be (and is a lot like him): fun and informative. It’s also what earned him a spot on The Belford Group Blog as a “Marketer We Love.”



When Clark makes decisions about his business, he looks at the long term—not just at the next paycheck.



“Real estate is a lot more about relationships than it is about selling houses,” he says. “Providing great service is about engagement and a big part of that is social media.”


Clark uses social media for three basic purposes:

  • Engagement: relating to people he already knows
  • Networking: furthering his reach
  • Communicating: providing access for people who are more comfortable using social media


Pretty Much Everywhere

Clark uses many platforms to reach a broader audience of both potential clients and potential buyers for the homes he already has listed. He uses the same photo and “Real Estate! It’s About Lifestyle” tagline so it’s always obvious that the user is in the right place on a given social media network.


Here’s a quick look at how he uses each platform:

QR code on real estate sign

Realtor Anthony Clark uses a QR code and unique website for each of his listings to draw more attention to the home and to provide additional information about the listing.

Blogs is a simple WordPress site that is very informative and professional. Clark offers information about his current listings, access to MLS listings, advice for buyers and sellers, and information about the Northwest Arkansas area. All of his social media sites refer people back to his blog.
He also creates a unique website for each of his listings, allowing for a large number of photos to be shared, as well as information about the specific home without requiring the user to wade through tons of other listings to find what the need.



A valuable tool for Clark since 2008, his Facebook profile is where Clark shares about his own listings, homeownership and real estate tips, and contests. He usually gives away items that draw attention to the many gems in NWA, including the Symphony of Northwest Arkansas.



On Twitter, Clark shares information similar to what is on his Facebook, but he knows it’s for a different audience. His Twitter feed is more about providing information, his Facebook is used more for building relationships, he says.



Clark’s LinkedIn profile gives him a presence on the social site for professionals. His Twitter feed is tied to his LinkedIn profile, giving the LinkedIn audience access to valuable information.


QR Codes

This is where we have the most fun with Clark’s social media marketing! He prints QR codes on all brochures about each home that refer the user back to the house’s unique website. He also places a QR code on all of his “For Sale” signs. Clark readily admits that until more people become familiar with QR codes, they often serve as an eye-catcher that makes drivers slow down long enough to look at the house. Either way, they are effective.



Clark checks in at his office at Bassett, Mix and Associates and he also creates places on FourSquare for each property. He asks agents who show the home to check in on FourSquare and whenever he works on marketing the home he checks in as well. This accomplishes several goals: it broadcasts the home listing’s address and it shows how much work is going in to getting the home sold.



Like all users, Clark is just getting started on Google+. He uses it to share information and provide another means for people to engage with him and his business.


Looking Ahead

Clark has many plans for 2012, especially for furthering his social media reach. His goals include:

  • Networking more with Twitter
  • Using Facebook to make more personal engagements
  • Incorporating more video in his social media
  • Increase his usage and creativity with QR codes.


Happy Marketing, Anthony!