How to Write an Article for SEO

Writing an article that you plan to publish online is a great way to publicize yourself or your business. However, you have to make sure that people surfing the web can actually find your article if they are searching for topics related to your article. The best way to do this is to implement search engine optimization (SEO) practices. Here are some tips to help you write an article for SEO purposes:

Plan out your article

When writing an article that you want to a lot of people to read there are some precursory requirements that must be met to ensure the best results. The article you write should be grammatically correct, engaging, and informative. Come up with a creative topic regarding your business, a hobby, or something that it is important to you and create content around that topic that would be useful, entertaining, or otherwise valuable to your readers. A well written article with understandable and interesting content will always attract more traffic to your blog or website. If you create a strong enough blog or article website, link marketers (people that link their site to yours) may even want to advertise on your site. If that’s the case, you’ve just optimized your site and article without even incorporating your own SEO techniques.

Create a Keyword List

Creating a list of keywords and key phrases that are relevant to your article is a critical step in writing an article for SEO. These keywords can be included in the metadata (part of the HTML code) of your webpage or blog site. The keywords could be any combinations of words that people would use to search for information on the topic about which you are writing. Incorporating these keywords into your article makes it easier for search engines to find your page and understand that your article should be displayed when people search for the specific subject you wrote about.

Write it out

The next step is to actually write out your article using SEO techniques. Again, it is important to write engaging content that is grammatically correct. At this point you should be adding in the keywords and key phrases that you determined were the most important. Make these keywords flow in your content and naturally incorporate them throughout the entire article. Once you ensure that your article contains keyword-rich content, you should give your article a title. A title for an article makes it easier for search engines to find and display. Try to use a keyword in the title of the article as well. You should also make sure that your article is easy to read with short paragraphs and sub headers.

Include Links

You should include hyperlinks within your article to other articles or webpages that are relevant to your topic. The final step would be to share the link to your article with others via social media and other methods. Building links to your article is a great way to publicize your work using SEO practices.

If you incorporate these steps every time you write an article for the web, it is very likely that you will see an increasing amount of people reading your work. When you create interesting content and optimize that content for SEO purposes you can reap many benefits.

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