How to Use Pinterest for Your Business

Engaging with your customers or potential customers shouldn’t just include the written word. Visuals are very important and can even make the difference in buying decisions if it is clear your product is nicer or has more appeal. It is important for businesses, especially small businesses to take advantage of the platform that Pinterest presents. Connecting visually with customers will give your business a competitive edge in the marketplace and allow you to have a more engaging conversation with them. Here are some tips for how businesses should use their Pinterest accounts to connect with customers and possibly increase sales.

Create Captivating Pins

  • Throughout all social media platforms, posts with images attached to them typically receive three times as much user engagement as those with no images. Pinterest is all about visuals, so it is important to think visually about how your business can create captivating pins. Having your business’s pins be repined is sure to increase awareness for your services or products. You can simply post a captivating image with whatever content you want to share with your followers. You can also translate your content/data into infographics that are visually pleasing and easy to read. Remember, the first step is to capture the attention of your followers.

Pin Accomplishments

  • Whenever your company wins an award or is recognized for some act, pinning about it on Pinterest is a must! Share your accomplishments with your customers and potential customers so they know that you have a reputable business. Pin a graphic that states what award or recognition was received; this could even be a graphic that was created by the organization that gave your business the award. If anyone in your business has written a book or published material relevant to your field of business, make sure to pin a cover of that book or a section of the article. This will let your Pinterest followers know you are experts in your field.

Create a Guest Pinner Board

  • Small businesses can definitely benefit from allowing their followers to contribute to one of their boards. User engagement will increase, followers will feel more personally invested in your brand, and you’ll get automatic insight into the mindset of your audience. You can also create a board that is specifically for followers to share feedback via images about your services or products.

Introduce Your Team

  • When it comes to small businesses, people will create relationships with certain employees that always service them. Why not introduce those employees on a Pinterest board? Pin a photo of an employee and caption it with their role in the company and how they can specifically help customers. Pin one employee photo per week on the same board. It’s the Pinterest version of an “About Us” page!

Promote Savings with Graphics

  • Translate your small business’s deals, sales, or special offers into graphic coupons that can be pinned and then repinned on Pinterest. This will help boost circulation and develop your company’s brand as one that offer great deals and produces captivating images.

All of these tips are sure to help your small business succeed on Pinterest and develop a loyal customer base that is invested in the images you pin. Remember to pin all images for the benefit of the customer and your business will always win.

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