How to Use Facebook for Your Ecommerce Business

eCommerce businesses often struggle until they are able to effectively utilize all of the resources that the internet provides for them. If you’re trying to sell a product online, then chances are your target audience spends a lot of time on Facebook. Here are some tips for how to use Facebook for your eCommerce business:

  • Start at the beginning and create a Facebook page. A Facebook page for your eCommerce business will allow you to post pictures of your products, have an open forum to answer customer questions, and promote any additional services you may provide. You can also encourage customers to post pictures of themselves using the products you sell. All of these elements will help increase awareness of your business and potentially increase profits.
  • Use Facebook as a conversation starter to engage potential customers. Word of mouth can take your eCommerce business very far. For example, you can create buzz around your products by starting a conversation on Facebook about the several different ways your products could be used or by asking your followers questions and inviting them to respond.
  • Post deals and promotions on your Facebook timeline that people who like your eCommerce business page can share with friends. In this way, you can make the people who like you on Facebook do the advertising for you – if you offer a good deal on a quality product, the people who like you on Facebook are sure to share the savings with their friends.
  • Have a physical store in addition to your eCommerce business? Facebook is also an ideal venue that allows you to attract people to your brick and mortar residence. Promote your physical store events on your Facebook page and encourage the customers who attend to snap a picture and upload it to your Facebook page. You can also encourage the customers who attend to tag themselves on Facebook as being at your store, giving you free publicity.
  • Think about the price point of your products. Are you selling items online for thousands of dollars? Facebook may not help you generate sales if that is the case. However, Facebook allows you to provide information about your products and interact with fans.

Ecommerce businesses can utilize many avenues to find success and profitability in the online world. Facebook is a prime example of using a social networking site to create buzz around your products and potentially drive traffic to your website where you can sell items to customers. Using the tips above will allow your eCommerce business to create a loyal and interested fan base.

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