How to Market Your Small Business Locally

Many small businesses and startups cannot afford an extensive marketing campaign in the very beginning. It is very important for your company to invest in marketing efforts so that you can develop a customer base. However, there are some techniques you can implement that will allow you to market your company in a cost effective way in your community.

Develop an Elevator Pitch

  • You should be ready to market your business at any time and any place. Develop an elevator pitch to share with people who are interested in the services or products your small business provides. Grab someone’s attention by successfully engaging them in a conversation about your business. Invest the time to create a 30 second or less elevator pitch that can then turn into a conversation with someone about your business if they are interested. Be clear, concise, credible, and compelling when crafting your elevator pitch.

Think Locally

  • When it comes to the marketing efforts of your small business, just think locally. Sponsor a little league team or have your company participate in a 5k charity run. Take the time to get to know your potential customers and how they typically spend their time. Then find opportunities to get in front of those potential customers with your marketing message.


  • Collaborate with a group of non-competitive businesses in your area and cross-promote each other’s services or products. You can use coupons, fliers, reciprocal web links, or bundled promotions. Your customer base will expand by collaborating with other small businesses because you’ll be reaching new potential customers.


  • Get out there and market your small business by networking within the community. Networking does take a time commitment but a strong network of professional and social ties is a great asset for any business person. You can leverage these ties when necessary to benefit your business.

Public Speaking Opportunities

  • Many organizations put together community conferences or speaking sessions for local professionals. If one of these sessions pertain to your industry you should volunteer to speak and take advantage of the varied audience base that will be present. Simply sharing information that is helpful to the audience will put a bright light on your small business and will draw in new customers. Speaking in a public forum will also market yourself and your small business as a credible authority and potential customers will choose you over competitors.

Effective marketing doesn’t always have to be expensive. By focusing on how to market your small business locally you can increase your credibility and your customer base.


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