How to Make the Most of Your Facebook PageThere are more than a billion active Facebook users in the world and they spend on average 16 hours a month navigating the social media site. Facebook is certainly a great social media marketing tool that allows businesses to engage with potential customers. Here are some guidelines that will allow your business to get the most benefit out of using Facebook:

Short and Sweet

Keep status updates short, to the point, and understandable. When you post statuses that are focused and contain valuable content regarding your business, you will notice a higher number of responses. Individuals on Facebook typically won’t invest the time it takes to read a lengthy status. So keep in mind that overly long updates will only take up more of your time and won’t be as intriguing to followers. Short and sweet statuses are the most beneficial and will generate the most response on Facebook.

Time it Right

Timing is definitely an important factor when a business is looking to engage followers and potential customers on Facebook. Typically it is best to post once a day. Keep in mind that status updates are likely to be seen more during the working week as people are less inclined to use Facebook on the weekends, according to a survey performed by social media management group Virtue. The optimal posting time according to that same study is 3:00 pm on weekdays. If possible, track whenever you get notifications signifying responses from followers and base your posting time on that.


It is important to engage with your Facebook audience so they know that your business cares. You should ask questions to your readers to stimulate interaction. Encourage followers to share their experience with your product or service. Create an environment that inspires people to comment on your brand. This will definitely help your Facebook presence grow and will allow your business to incorporate customer feedback into new product or service ideas. Keep the Facebook conversations light and develop a positive image of your brand through solving customer’s issues.


Photos definitely help Facebook posts get more response and more people will be likely to see them. You can even ask customers to post an image of them with your product. This inspires brand loyalty and will help your business Facebook profile get more visits.

Keep these tips in mind when posting Facebook updates and your business page will allow you to maintain strong customer relationships as well as lead you to new customers!

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