shutterstock_91309259Google recently switched to something known as secure search, limiting the data that can be seen using its analytics. This means website owners can no longer see the string of words used by an individual to find their site in a search, which could have a large effect on marketing efforts.

About a year ago, Google decided that all users logged into Google (including services like Google+ and Gmail) would be redirected from to, thereby encrypting data.

While Google claims secure search was implemented to protect users’ privacy, web-based businesses and search engine optimization (SEO) experts have to jump through some hoops in order to get around the dreaded “(not provided)” keyword result on their Google Analytics reports.

There are alternative tools that challenge secure searches. Website owners can use these tools to get an idea of website performance and identify potentially valuable keywords to incorporate into their website.

Alternative Tools to Analyze Keyword Performance

  • Google Webmaster Tools – reveals the search queries your website shows up for, as well as the website’s click-through rate.
  • Google Keyword Planner – identifies the best keywords your SEO program should focus on.
  • Google Trends – determines the fastest-rising keywords to focus on for your SEO program.

Google is always redefining itself and their search policies so no matter what strategies and alternative tools we employ today to combat “(not provided)” keyword results, they will most likely be outdated or irrelevant six months from now.

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