Finding a Balance with Social Media and Email While it is true that social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and email are two different entities, these communication methods can work harmoniously to brand your company and attract new customers. Utilizing different modes of communication can truly benefit businesses that are looking to expand or maintain their client base. However, contacting customers using multiple methods means that you have to streamline your content so that customers are receiving the same message regardless of whether they are checking out your Facebook or reading your email newsletters.


In order to maintain a strong relationship with customers it is important to merge and balance email and social media content. Branding will become stronger and profitability will increase through customers sharing your engaging messages.


Why does social media work?

Social media is a great opportunity to create a point of contact with current and potential customers. As a business it is important to determine what your customers are looking for and how you can be valuable to them online. This might mean offering online discounts or informational blog content. Learning about your customers and putting that knowledge to use on social media will allow for effective communication. Social media drives word of mouth between customers and potential customers of your business. When you communicate the value of your company to followers on Twitter and Facebook and they are likely to communicate that information to friends.


Why does email work?

Email marketing creates a direct path between your business and the customer, which makes it a valuable communication vehicle. Email is a more personal method of communication than social media, which is why many small businesses take advantage of it. When customers sign up to be on your emailing list, it means they are willing to listen to your message and possibly make a purchase from you. Email content can range from product discounts to how to utilize products in different ways. The key is to determine what types of content your customers will respond to best and focus on that content.


Making social media and email marketing work together

Your business can benefit by finding a balance with social media and email. Companies can use data compiled from social media responses (using a site like to create an email newsletter that centers on content customers initially responded to. Following this method, social media acts as a learning device allowing businesses to determine what content to communicate via email. Cross-channel marketing allows you to maintain a consistent brand message by relaying streamlined content over various platforms. Remember that getting to know your customers better will take your online marketing to the next level and make your communication more effective. Maintaining a strong relationship with your customers through both social media and email marketing will increase awareness and profitability of your business.


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