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Giving you the tools to improve your communication

The team at Elevate is dedicated to providing communication training and professional development to business leaders. Based in Northwest Arkansas, we provide workshops, coaching, and custom training opportunities as needed for your business.

Why Elevate?

The Elevate team has more than 40 years of combined experience in training, professional development, and personal development. Angela Belford and Sami Kinnison are passionate about teaching and coaching in a way that develops each person’s natural ability and gifting. We develop the content with your team in mind and will go above and beyond to build confidence, effectiveness, and engagement.

The Belford Group has provided marketing services to Northwest Arkansas for many years, and Elevate reflects a continued commitment to improving communication for businesses in the area. Our marketing expertise makes us uniquely qualified to coach businesses on how their communication efforts impact all aspects of their business.

If you’re interested in marketing services, please visit here to request more information. We still accept a limited number of marketing clients whose goals align with ours.


We are available for in-person or virtual workshops, whether it’s a part of ongoing training, a special event, or a company retreat. Our workshops are interactive; we have participants, not attendees. Workshops can be tailored for small, medium, or large groups.


We are passionate about developing leaders and helping people realize their potential. Coaching with the Elevate team is the right option for you if you have a new leader or someone looking to move up to the next level.



We’ll meet with you to assess your needs and ensure we understand your end goal.


We’ll put together a plan to address your needs, whether through workshops or coaching.


We’ll schedule the initial session (workshop or coaching) to give you the tools needed to grow and improve.

If you’re interested in working with us, send us an inquiry!

Types of Communication

In the workplace, communication covers many activities and skills needed. We can help you improve your skills when:

  • Giving a presentation
  • Leading/conducting a meeting
  • Making a sales pitch
  • Giving feedback
  • Using digital communication tools (e.g., email, Slack, Teams, etc.)
  • Teaching a class

What a Coach provides is an objective person whose attention is solely placed on you, your goals, aspirations, and motivations. A Coach can discover patterns that aren’t helping you achieve your goals and teach you how to rewire your brain, so your patterns obtain consistently positive results.

  • Do you sometimes get bogged down with perfectionism?
  • Set a goal but can’t figure out why you don’t do it?
  • Struggle to understand why you aren’t moving in the direction you want in your career?
  • Know you need to grow yourself to achieve your goals?
  • Need to grow more quickly than you can grow on your own?

When we learn new soft skills, we can change the trajectory of our lives by a few degrees. Over time, a few degrees can send us to a very different place. Workshops can help your team point the ship in the right direction so you move together. Having an outside perspective help the team grow can bring alignment and gives every one on the team the opportunity to participate, engage, and grow.

  • Do you need to align “best practices” across the team?
  • Need to elevate the level of presentations from all team members?
  • Want to help your employees grow but aren’t sure how?
  • Build the team environment and encourage good, constructive feedback?

Get the tools you need to improve your communication

Whether you’re a manager trying to help your team grow or an individual seeking to improve your skills, we are here for you. Send us an inquiry so we can get started!

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