Panda_Penguin_HummingbirdThey don’t all fly, and they don’t live in the same geographical area, so what do a penguin, a panda, and a hummingbird have in common?  Not much except that they are the names that Google has attached to their search algorithm updates which control whether or not your website shows up on Google Search.  You almost have to be a statistical genius to understand and comprehend the computer language and results of such updates.  Quite frankly, if you research for SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, you will pull up a myriad of contradicting articles to read.  One expert says that meta titles and descriptions are the ticket to SEO, while another says that isn’t the case anymore.

It is an understatement of gargantuan proportions to say that SEO has changed in the last few years. Even the so-called experts themselves are a bit confused by the fallout from Google’s algorithm updates. No need to worry though, here at The Belford Group, we have a foolproof method for building websites that are optimized for search engines.  Our secret sauce is content.  Yes, content is king. Content will always be king because information, or content, is what searchers are looking for when they go to Google Search. And good informative content is what Google is looking to find with their algorithm updates.

Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative is what the new search algorithms are all about.  Google desires that its search results provide the answers to which people are searching. Good content is well written, easy to read, and helps to answer the questions the people are asking. Good information and entertaining content will always bump up your SEO, not only now but in the future to come.  You can’t go wrong if you answer questions that people ask and tell a story to which people can relate.