All too often companies forget that branding is just as important online as it is offline. Maintaining a consistent brand image across all platforms is crucial to ensuring that a company’s brand is easily recognizable. This means using the same colors, graphic icon elements and typography in all places where the branding appears such as print marketing material, social media, signage and other forms of marketing.

The cover photo for client Oh Baby Food’s Facebook page is clearly associated with its packaging, its website and all other forms of communication. The status updates provide the same type of information and carry the same informal tone that parents of babies would appreciate across all platforms.

Maintaining the corporate branding on social media goes beyond just having the same logo as the profile picture.

Branding and social media

  1. Consistent visibility. Visual marketing is one of the most important aspects of a company’s brand. Logos, fonts, tag lines, slogans, mottos, avatars, and more should all have strong visual appeal as well as properly convey the tone and image that the business wants to portray, and should be used consistently. Therefore, if your company has profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ customers should be able to instantly recognize your brand through the use of the same logos, tag lines, and other visual information. There should never be a question that this is a different company that just happens to have the same name (which can happen easily on social media!)
  2. Cross-promote profiles. When someone finds your company online, make it easy for viewers to be just a few clicks away from finding your other profiles. This can easily be done by linking your accounts together using widgets. For example, syncing Twitter or Facebook posts with your regular blog posts can help promote the company’s latest activity. By doing this it can help improve visibility within the search engine results pages. Also create status updates that cross promote the various profiles. For example, promote the company Facebook page on Twitter and vice versa.
  3. Maintain the tone. Online platforms have changed the way the world communicates and provides a new way for a company to convey the corporate identity through status updates, tweets, and blogs. Therefore it is important to make sure that what you’re saying is being expressed in the same manner across all methods of communication. This includes word choice and tone (professional or casual?).
  4. Consistent message sharing. Each platform calls for a different type of information whether it is a link to a website, coupon code on Twitter or a flashy ad on Facebook. The key is to promote the same message among all platforms. This will create more brand awareness and reinforce customer’s attitude towards the brand.

Need Help?

The Belford Group is skilled in maintaining a kind of voice, design, and message throughout the numerous types of platforms available to you. We can help you not only reach your branding goals, but keep them consistent across every form of media you’re trying to capture.