Brand identity is an important factor for any business, but it is especially critical for a startup business to determine their brand identity. Company branding is the first step in creating company culture and what customers will experience. These are some of the services that startup businesses should take advantage of in order to get off the ground:

  • Logo design: Begin with a unique identity that represents your new business and that will attract the attention of potential customers through a cohesive color pattern and design.
  • Web site development and design: Your website will build on the identity presented in the logo and should be expertly designed to encourage brand enhancement and search engine optimization. There are several additions that can be incorporated into your website design which will transform viewers into customers, such as industry news blogs and keyword filled quality content. These will ensure that your company ranks highly when people search for the services your business provides.
  • Business card/promotional material design: Your business card is a critical part of your brand identity that will either help you attract business or cause customers to use a competitor’s service.
  • Electronic letterhead: You’ll be sending letters and proposals in electronic as well as printed formats, so be sure your letterhead matches your brand identity and embodies a professional image.
  • E-Newsletter Setup: Build your network with a custom-branded e-mail template that can be sent out to customers and associates.

When it comes to investing in the future of your startup business, it is imperative that you start out on the right foot and build the identity of your brand. Your businesses identity is the first component that customers come in contact with so it is important that you allow an established brand consultant to design and produce brand materials. Does your startup company understand the importance of a cohesive brand identity?


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