Ostersund, Sweden - August 3, 2014: Close up of WordPress websitThere are practically an infinite number of ways to customize your website, but one of the easiest ways is with plugins. Listed below are some of the favorite WordPress plugins recommended by The Belford Group’s own website wizards.

1. Jetpack: With tons of features, it’s easy to see why Jetpack would make the list. A few noted functions are email subscriptions for your blog posts, easily embedded media (like YouTube and vimeo), a CSS editor that makes customizing your website simpler, mobile-friendly function, images galleries, and an all-inclusive search feature.

2. Gravity Forms: With Gravity Forms, it’s easy to create contact and other forms for your website. There are tons of cool settings to customize your forms like an entry limit, where only a set number of people will be able to submit a form. Good for contests or events. There’s a form scheduling function so that the form can only be accessed for a certain period of time. Gravity Forms has lots of options, from check boxes to dropdowns, paragraph fields to radio buttons, it’s got you covered.

3. Pods: The great thing about Pods is that it allows you to easily and quickly add or extend almost any part of the WordPress taxonomy. You can add extra fields to posts, pages, or custom post types, or even create your own settings pages for any other feature. This is a handy feature for fully customizing a website.

4. WordPress Social Stream: Social Stream does exactly what it sounds like; it streams all of your social media into one place. It’s integrated with 15 social networks so everything you post is collected together in an interesting and clean format.

5. Widget Logic: This plugin allows you to control which pages a widget appears on. For example,
normally the “Sidebar” shows up on the blog page, but with Widget Logic you can make it show up where ever you want.

6. WordPress SEO by Yoast: Search Engine Optimization is made easier with this nifty plugin from Yoast. It also includes organizational features, like Breadcrumbs, to help keep your site clean.

7. WP Edit: An all-around handy plugin, WP Edit boasts many powerful features. It makes customization of colors easier and allows you to easily insert media. It’s also multi-site and multi-language supported.

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