The Top 5 Social Media Sites For Businesses Today

If you haven’t already, it’s time to hop on the social media bandwagon. With social media growing as fast as it is, it is important for businesses who want to grow and gain exposure to take advantage of this trend.

Here are today’s top 5 most popular social media sites that are sure to gain your business exposure:

  1. Facebook: Who hasn’t heard about Facebook? Even if you don’t have your own account perhaps you have experienced Facebook through a friend or family member’s account. It is estimated that over 1 billion people use Facebook. Facebook’s 1 billion users include both personal and business pages. Business pages allow users to become ‘fans’ or ‘like’ their page. Once a page is liked updates from that page will show up on each fan’s newsfeed. This is a great marketing tool because it keeps your business at the forefront of your consumers’ mind.
  2. Google+: This is a relatively new social media channel and was only introduced in 2011. Google+ has already made quite the name for itself, due to Google’s strong financial resources and reputation in the online world. The major benefit of a Google+ account? It’s sure to boost your search engine result rankings (it is after all hosted by the largest and most powerful search engine). Google+ seems to be a more professional and sophisticated version of Facebook, offering only content that is professional and informational.
  3. Twitter: Today’s population faces information overload on a daily if not hourly basis. Twitter’s 140-character limit is a great way to break through the clutter and capture your audience’s attention. Another benefit of Twitter is its use of hash tags (#) which allow users to track tweets about trending topics. With over 500 million users Twitter can undoubtedly spread your company’s message.
  4. LinkedIn: The primary focus of LinkedIn is to connect professionals and businesses, and share job leads and contacts. LinkedIn profiles are now hybrids of resumes, websites, Facebook and blog pages. LinkedIn is THE place to make professional connections today, and everyone knows that business is all about making connections.
  5. Pinterest: This is another relatively new social media channel that has only been around since 2010, but has captivated users with its immense and varied product pictures. Pinterest allows users to ‘pin’ images, photos, or videos of interest onto different virtual ‘boards’ categorized by the individual. These ‘pins’ are links to the site where the good/service is available, which is good for increasing traffic to your site. Each pin and board can be accessed later or shared with anyone at any time.

These are only 5 of MANY social media sites available today. Each site is beneficial in its own way, and using a combination of social media sites is a great and easy way to boost your marketing efforts.